On 27 January 2021 by lag

Christmas came and went quietly and so we find ourselves in Lockdown no3, the pandemic in a worse state than ever before, we’re all missing our family and friends our mental health has taken a good bashing. Thank goodness for music, creativity and zoom! On a positive note I have managed to eventually make my kitchen blinds after 2 1/2 years of waiting… admittedly they are not actually up yet but this week…… I will post an image to prove it. I’ve been making a few bits and pieces for myself for a change, I had lots of boiled wool that I have now made into really useful over tops, they’re so cosy. We have all been tidying our clothes closets and I have tried to be ruthless only keeping my favourites, I’m happy to say some are too big as managed to shift a good few pounds this year too so generally feeling better about things!

My grand daughter and I made some Christmas baubles and I tried my hand at some cards.

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